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Free Apps

I will create a free version of my apps as soon as MS PubCenter will be awailable in Hungary, so i can earn some money from the Adds and you can all enjoy my programs for free! 😀


I just uploaded the new update for the Fishing Log GPS version and it will be released soon for the other full version too. I realised that something was missing from my little app, the Statistics Chart, so i created a new page in statistics where you can see 4 charts all based on the days you fished.

  1. How many fish did you catch
  2. The Sum weight of your catch
  3. The biggest catch of the day ( Size )
  4. The biggest catch of the day ( Weight )

Updated in this release the list pickers Full List Style, the reason is because it was hard to tap the right item before.

New Statistics Page:

The New Statistics Page




My Minesweeper3D games update is Borgsweeper3D and as soon it will be available on the market i create from the old one a free Game. The new Borgsweeper will have a free trial and if you like it then you can buy it true the marketplace for the lowest price. 🙂

You could ask why change the name? The new game will be based on a small story about The Borg, and we all know them don’t we. 🙂




The Borg is back and have a new plan, they failed and couldn’t assimilate us, so now they try to eliminate us and the whole Solar System, or maybe even the whole quadrant. They dispatched a lot of Borg Cubes to deliver the Bombs into the hearth of your small system and then detonate them, to wipe out all humanity, or at least the core of humanity. You as a new Captain get the assignment to destroy every cube which doesn’t hide a bomb and so give enough time for the Engineers to infiltrate the remaining cubes and disarm the bombs, and save us all. So humanities future is in your had, good luck Captain…..


  1. New controlling system for the game, from now on you can use gestures to rotate the Field, you only need to turn Accelerometer Off in the settings, to use the new system.
  2. HOLD gesture is used now to lock/unlock a single Cube
  3. New textures and sound and models

I wish you all a lot of fun to play the game and i appreciate all the feedback i get.

Mass Effect break! :)

Sorry that i didn’t updated my Blog a long time ago, i was busy playing Mass Effect 3, in the last week or so! 🙂 But now I’m finished with it, sadly i have to say it was a great game until the end but then it failed all my expectations.

Now I’m working on a few updates to my existing apps and especially Minesweeper3D hopefully the update will be available in this Month. The game will get a small new story in it, i will enable Music playing in the background and maybe even some audio effects too. And a whole New Design too. 😀

I’m thinking on some new projects too, and hopefully you will see them soon on the Marketplace.



Uploaded my games XAP to the Marketplace, now it only takes a few days and it will be certified and you can try it for free or buy it for 0.99$ is you like it and wanna support my work. I hope you all will have a lot of fun playing it.

I recommend this game for everyone who loves logical games and for Kids too who wanna learn and having fun doing it. 🙂

Teaser :


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HaniDoku Solver

I just finished working on my solver for the puzzle and finally it works, it is a bit slow sometimes but finally it works. I could implement some basic and some more advanced algorithm in the solver.

  • Naked Singles
  • Hidden Singles
  • Naked Subsets
  • Triangulation
  • Hourglass ( will be implemented in the future)
  • Brute force

This algorithms combined together make it possible for me to create solutions for an empty puzzle, then i just need to clear some fields depending on the difficulty level and a solvable puzzle is ready for the player.

Have to work on speeding up the solver, and implement, change a few thing in the UI and my New Game will be ready for the Marketplace.


Video of Minesweeper3D :

Video of Honey Sudoku :

I’m glad to tell you all that yesterday i uploaded the XAP file to the marketplace, there is only a few days left and you all can try and play my new game!

DeepLink of Honey Sudoku!

First Update Plans:

  • BugFixing
  • Fast Application switching/Tombstoning (Save / Reload Puzzle)

Next game will be HaniDoku, which has similar rules, only a bit harder to solve (and create too) ! 🙂 I’m guessing in a week or two this will be available too on the Marketplace!

Honey Sudoku

My new game will be called Honey Sudoku and it is a small logical number puzzle. The game space is based on hexagons just like a Honeycomb, and has only one simple Rule. In every horizontal and left-to-right and right-to-left row there is only one instance of a number is allowed. I recommend this game for everyone who loves logical games, and for kids to learn how to think logically. It is simple and fun to play.

Will be available soon in the Marketplace.


My first SL/XNA game for Windows Phone 7.5 ‘Mango’ is already published and available for download from the Marketplace. I enjoyed every bit of creating this small logical game, and i have to tell you all it was not so easy at first. If you never learned, XNA or other game developing platform then you hit a few roadblocks on the way to learn it. But i’m happy to tell you that it is not so hard after all i could solve the problems i had and could create this small 3D game with the help of MSDN and some sample applications found on MSDN.

To tell the truth i was always interested in games and wanted to try developing some. I already managed to create some but only for myself, but that all changed. Windows Phone 7 Market place is available and open for independent developers from a lot of countries. I can only encourage you all to try it, the developer tools are free to download and use. To register to the marketplace so you can upload and publish your apps and games you only need to pay a small fee for a whole year and then you are ready to go. For this small fee you are not only allowed to develop and publish you can even earn some MONEY.

If you are interested in getting payed there are two ways of earning Money:

  • Publish you app as a payed one so you get percents after every sold one.
  • Publish a free or payed app with Ads and get payed after advertisements (Pubcenter)

Back to the game, it is based on a simple Minesweeper only this is in 3D and so it is a bit more difficult to solve. I think i don’t have to explain the rules, they are the same as the simple game, only placed in 3D. To rotate the whole minefield you can use the Accelerometer of your Phone, and in the future i plan to implement a small joystick like control.

Check the Game out on the Marketplace, trial is available too, so you can try it on the phone for free.